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Somebody's Hero

Our vision for this program is not a modest one.  Our hope is to make a significant impact in the lives of a multitude of people.  To bring fathers home to their children, to return sons to their families, to return friends and role models to a community.  We want to bring those who are hurting and dealing with the pain of trauma to a place of peace and hope. 

Our hope and plan is to acquire a piece of land that can be home to an entire facility.  Upon initial entrance to our facility, you would come to our Counseling Center.  The Counseling center will be where the majority of our daily one on one counseling will take place with the men and their assigned counselor.  This is also the place where we will offer community counseling to those in need, regardless of age or gender.  We will offer family, individual, and group counseling sessions.

As you continue, you will come to a barracks housing facility designed to ease transition to a healthier lifestyle.  The design of the housing facility will be based loosely on military style bunks, and footlockers to allow personal space but will still have amenities and comforts unlike your typical barracks to help maintain a comfortable and familiar environment.  This style of housing will help the men build a level of trust, communication, and comradery that they will be relying on during their stay.

Moving on you will come to the recreation center.  A metal building with bay doors and concrete flooring that will house our gym equipment, basketball goals, and other recreational equipment.  This building will offer the versatility of a place of recreation, a gathering place for meals and functions including our family day gatherings, and graduation ceremonies.  Our hope is to have a fully functional gym with both free-weights and cable equipment where the men can exercise, along with a track that will outline our property where the men can walk or run.  The recreation center will be one of our most versatile and widely used buildings so it should and will be well equipped for many roles.

Just outside our recreation center we plan on having a Children’s Play Area.  How large of a play area greatly depends on the amount of land that we are able to acquire, but we plan to make it large enough for several families to enjoy simultaneously.  Our children’s play area is an extremely important part of our facility.  One function is to hold therapy sessions where we will help men learn how to connect and play with their children.  A place where families can learn how to interact with one another and truly enjoy the time they have together.  Many of our men will come to us struggling to connect to their children; therapy will engage the child in an environment where he/she is comfortable.  Great and wonderful things will take place in this very special part of our facility.


3513 North Frazier St.
Conroe, Tx 77303

PH: 936-648-5379

About Us:

Committed to seeing hearts change; united for community change.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday : 8am - 8pm
    Saturday : 8am - 12pm
        Sunday : Closed

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