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Counseling Programs

Counseling Center

The counseling center is open to everyone seeking to make changes in their lives.  We offer individual, family, and group counseling throughout the week.  The center is staffed with licensed professionals, interns, and students dedicated to seeing each client reach his or her goals.  We do accept some insurance and self pay options for the counseling center and trauma recovery programs.  The counseling center is currently taking clients at a temporary location.

Trauma Recovery Programs

Our trauma recovery programs are focused on resiliency and reunification.  The goal of resiliency is to help the client heal from traumatic life experiences to move them to a healthy lifestyle. Reunification is an especially important piece of this program because of the ability for the client, following achievement in resiliency, to move with the family toward healthy relationships - this being vital to the client's children. The intensive and long term programs are developed specifically for adult men.  We will use evidence based counseling treatments, primarily cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), with other theories and modalities available as needed.  Additionally, the long-term program is designed to provide accountability, responsibility, and conflict resolution though a buddy system.  The Refuge will see clients become healthy individuals, reestablish beneficial family roles, and productive community members. 

Intensive Program

Our intensive program is designed as a Ninety day outpatient program.  The focus here will be on resiliency while working within the confines of external needs such as job requirements and/or family obligations.  The primary treatment modality will be EMDR within this program due to the treatment efficiency and timeline. 

The program will consist of meeting 3 days per week, 6 hours per day.  During these periods at the refuge, you will engage in 3 hours of counseling and 3 hours of personal development as needed for treatment.

Personal development is where we will concentrate on things such as:

  • Social Skills
  • Compassion
  • Money Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Unity
  • Leadership

Total time obligations for our Intensive Day Program is 108 hours of counseling (one-on-one counseling and group counseling sessions), and 108  hours of personal development.  In some cases the counselor or the client may feel like additional counseling is needed.  In theses cases, an arrangement can be made to continue with one-on-one counseling once the Intensive Day Program is complete.

Residential Program

Our program is designed for Military Veterans and Civilians.

This program is a nine month alternative program.  Three phases here include stabilization, trauma treatment, and reunification.  This programs' focus will emphasize reunification by including family therapy and provider support such as job skills.  The framework of this level of programming is vital to the wellness of each client and achieved through understanding the dynamics of relationships and conflict management.  Accountability is vital to each mans future; being accountable as a future or current husband and father; these values being the backbone of our program, set our program apart from other programs.  To achieve reunification, our clients will identify loved ones, together with their children, that will be included in voluntary treatment.  This program will allow the client to have a safe and secure environment to reach established goals.

Every man who enters our program has encountered the life-shattering consequences of trauma; whether they have sacrificed by choice or by survival.  60.7% of men have experienced a traumatic event in their lives. Although not a complete list, the most common events are sexual assault, combat, and childhood abuse.  We seek to provide a place of Refuge for all suffering from trauma.

Without treatment and support, PTSD causes devastating effects in the lives of these veterans and civilians and for their families... in fact:

  • 27% of those diagnosed with PTSD attempt suicide; 22 Veterans every single day are successful.
  • Divorce rate among civilians is 54%; for returned Veterans it's 84%.

Our Calling:

Refuge Trauma & Counseling Center - is a unique concept in the care and treatment of men afflicted with PTSD and for their families. Our goal is to bring each man to resiliency and reunification:

  • Through Counseling
  • Through Experience
  • Through Family

Our Mission:

This calling is to be fulfilled by providing a safe and secure environment for our clients to heal from trauma and to re-learn their accountability as husbands, fathers, family members and friends. Clients' individual goals for reunification will be achieved by tapping into their natural potential for resiliency.

Barracks-style housing will aid clients with comfortably familiar surroundings while they transition into and out of long-term inpatient treatment. During their stay, these men will work as a unit to support each other through their healing and to build important relationship skills.

As this program is not yet available, more information will be posted as the program is developed.