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Thank you for visiting Refuge Trauma & Counseling Center. 

We invite you to explore our website and become familiar with our counseling programs, which are designed for you - Somebody's Hero.  Whether you attend our programs or unite with us in the vision to see your community change - please feel free to contact us with questions or just let us know you visited.

Please choose from one of the options below our latest event flyer that would best represent your needs and we can begin the process of healing together.

Please take a moment to view our upcoming event flyer.  This event will be held for all those who have family or loved ones that suffer from PTSD, and how we can help them regain their place at home.  Specific issues that impact our ability to care for and support those need will be adressed.  Breakfast will be served on site.  If you are not local but would till like to participate, we will be hosting a webinar that will allow your complete participation in the event.  Click HERE for our registraton page.


3513 North Frazier St.
Conroe, Tx 77303

PH: 936-648-5379

About Us:

Committed to seeing hearts change; united for community change.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday : 8am - 8pm
    Saturday : 8am - 12pm
        Sunday : Closed

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